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H&W Custom Cut Lumber & Mobile Sawmill.

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Treecycling Since 2004
Welcome to H&W Custom Cut Lumber
Mobile Sawmill
Treecycling is what we do. You'll be surprized at the savings when you have your fallen or storm damaged trees sawn into lumber & Timber products.  You end up getting lumber that you just can't find at the box stores. Give us a call today. 

 Owner/Sawyer Randy Wynn

H&W Sawmill





Get the lumber you need for a fraction of the cost the big stores charge. With my WoodMizer sawmill I have the capacity to saw logs up to 30" in diameter X 20' long. I can cut anything from 24"X 24" down to 1/16" veneer. Trailer Decking, Fences, Siding, Post & Beams, Fireplace Mantels, Sideboards for dumptrucks and much more. I can cut hardwood and softwood alike. Save BIG BUCKS on your next woodworking project with H&W Custom Cut Lumber today CALL NOW 980-721-7954
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Wood like they used to build with.

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Our WoodMizer sawmill makes it hard to call it rough cut lumber. It's a fully Hydraulic sawmill and can produce about 400 to 500 board feet an hour, with "Prime Logs" and two helper's. Time for material handling is time consumed NOT MILLING and must be taken into account, ( the logs don't roll themselves to the mill & the wood doesn't off load itself either.) That being said, we can produce about 300 to 400BF an hour, depending on logs, species, and dimensions being sawn.
The WoodMizer makes for smooth, true sawn lumber, fresh off the log. Also, with the thin kerf of a bandsaw you get about 30% more lumber per log than with other mills (Circle Saws). That makes you the winner right from the start.  We will come to your site and show you what's needed as far as set-up, to make things happen the fastest possible, thus getting more wood sawn for the least amount of money.






H&W Custom Cut Lumber. 10800 Waxhaw Hwy. Waxhaw N.C. 28173 USA
Call Today 980-721-7954