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H&W Custom Cut Lumber & Mobile Sawmill.

How This Works

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How This Works

Randy Wynn
The WoodButcher

Hello, I'm Randy Wynn. I am owner/operator of H&W Custom Cut Lumber
Here, I will try to explane how this works so that we all end up happy at the end of the day.
First thing that happens, is you call me. we talk on the phone and discuss your logs and what your trying to get done. (I don't buy logs)
Once we have decided there worth taking a look at, I will ride out to your site & we will go over all thats needed in order to move the sawmill in. I will go over log set up and prep work with you. Log set up and site prep work is very important to speed things up & is to be done before I get there with the mill.
Once we have agreed we are going to go through with the job. At this time. ALL your logs should be bucked, Limbed up and yarded for the fastest milling operation. If Logs are scattered all over the yard and we have to move the mill over & over, there IS a $25.00 set up fee on top of hourly rates.  for each additional move.
There IS a 50% Deposite on ALL JOBS (Mobile or In House.), Before ANY work begines. The Are NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS! You can mail it, deliver it cash in hand or the day I visit to look over your job. But I can't be the only one with any skin in the game. (This is Time & Hard work) Sorry, but there's to many shyesters out there.
(I WILL NOT LEAVE MY SAWMILL AT ANY LOCATION. without 100% positive INDOOR security Available.)
Logs that are knoby, odd shaped and just poor logs, take more time. Not ALL logs are "saw logs".
We will mill  logs Locally for $65.00 an hour for logs that are quality Sawlogs & set up correctly and ready to be milled when I get there. If I have to roll the logs 20 feet up hill with a can't hook to get them to the mill, your spending $65.00hr for labor instead of making lumber, Chainesaw work, is time NOT making lumber, yet is costing $65.00hr.This rate of $65.00hr. covers a Pro sawyer, the saw & one helper. This IS Hard Heavy Work. I will supply one man if more help is needed, You will need to supply said labor. This rate is for 25 miles of my location and for normal site conditions. With gas as it is, I have no choice but to charge milage for anything further than that.
We will, mill out of town as long as  all normal fees & expences are covered. We try hard to be Fair.  We will work with you any way we can. Please understand, there are many variable's in this business. we will always let you know of any irregular conditions that may arise. Bowed logs yield very little lumber. Knotty logs produce easly broken boards. Small logs eat up the clock as we spend just as much time loading logs as we do milling them, for much less yield. Huge logs take more time as everything is HEAVY. A perfect log is 24" to 26" wide at the small end with little flare, Gunbarrel Straight and 12'6" long. There's money in logs like that. Some for you & some for me. Thats a Win/Win deal & thats just how I roll. You will NEVER buy the lumber at the box store that comes from our mill for anywhere close to what you'll pay here.






H&W Custom Cut Lumber. 10800 Waxhaw Hwy. Waxhaw N.C. 28173 USA
Call Today 980-721-7954